My first Amanda Grange and certainly not my last

The Silverton Scandal
The Silverton Scandal
by Amanda Grange
Edition: Paperback
5.0 out of 5 stars August 17, 2013
Eleanor Grantham, intelligent but plain and poor, has been taking care of her very beautiful younger sister Arabella in Bath since the deaths of their parents. A mysterious stranger has stolen a packet of love letters sent between Arabella and a youthful romantic and is demanding money in a blackmail scheme. It seems Arabella is betrothed to a future duke and the scandal would be damaging.

Eleanor takes the stage to London to pay the blackmailer. On the way, the stage is accosted by a highwayman. With great courage and wit, she stands up to the man who is very tall, strong, and frightening. She stays the night at a relations’ manor and she meets whom she thinks is the highwayman, the wealthy and influential Lord Silverton! Lord Silverton threatens Eleanor about what she knows and though quite terror-stricken by the looming brooding Lord Silverton, she nevertheless senses an animal attraction to the man.

Eleanor comes to the blackmailer’s London townhouse to find him murdered and is again fiercely confronted by Lord Silverton who is also on the premises. He realizes he has put her life in jeopardy and insists on her staying at his own house while he sorts out the murder. In the time they spend together Lord Silverton also is totally fascinated with the brave and resourceful Eleanor and their romantic attraction intensifies.

What on earth is Lord Silverton embroiled in that he should hold up a stage coach and be in the home of a murdered blackmailer? Eleanor, at once frightened by him and yet strangely drawn to him must nevertheless trust him to protect her against sinister forces that aim to kill them both.

This was my first read by Amanda Grange and owing to the quality of the story, plot line, and fascinating characters, it certainly won’t be my last. A brilliant amalgamation of edgy romance, adventure, mystery and intrigue, it won me over from the opening pages.


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