I crown this one “Queen of Regency Madcaps”

The Tenacious Miss Tamerlane (Kasey Michaels Alphabet Regency Romance)
The Tenacious Miss Tamerlane (Kasey Michaels Alphabet Regency Romance)
5.0 out of 5 stars March 14, 2014

If ever a regency romance could hoist the mantel of “madcap” it is The Tenacious Miss Tamerlane. I laughed and chuckled all the way to the end.

Upon the death of her debt-ridden father Miss Tamerlane or “Tansy” has hired herself out as a governess to a succession of brats. She is discovered to be a distant cousin to Ashley Benedict, Duke of Avenoll and is rescued to become the companion of the Duke’s air-headed younger sister. She takes up residence in London at the Duke’s posh townhouse along with the Duke’s sharp-witted dowager grandmother and his totally eccentric Aunt Lucinda. Aunt Lucinda only communicates with famous quotes and maxims from antiquity which are quite effective but at times causes her family to want to strangle her.

Miss Tansy has been raised primarily by her late gamester father since the early death of her mother; consequently, she is a formidable card player, chessmaster, rider, shooter, and boxing fanatic. She has honed her wits into a survival mode since she had been scraping by doing whatever she puts her pragmatic mind to.

The duke at five and thirty is harried by the three eccentric ladies in his life and when he takes Tansy in it puts him almost over the edge of sanity. Bullying and intimidating tactics on Emily, Lucinda, and the dowager have worked thus far for the Duke but do not phase resourceful Tansy who gets the last word in on him most of the time. Poor Tansy feels she has landed in the middle of a group of misfits and offers to take on management of the town house in order to bring some order and sanity to the family. Throw in some equally dysfunctional but well-meaning servants and can the situation get any worse?

Worse, way worse, because the duke and Miss Tansy begin to feel the tug of romantic feelings between them. However, things still aren’t moving fast enough for the ladies and servants. So, wild schemes are formulated to bring Lady Emily and her immature beau plus the Duke and Tansy to the altar. In all of their ineptitude can they pull it off?

The goofy but lovable small cast of characters and their gut-busting dialogues and put-downs carry the entire story. The conversations are reminiscent of the great Georgette Heyer. The author’s character development is brilliant. This would make a highly entertaining live comedy with the outrageous conversations taking center stage. It is pretty hard to out “mad-cap” this one.


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