Do you like food? Do you like Romance? Are you a Francophile? You’ll LOVE this!

Bon Appetit: A Novel (French Twist Book 2)
Bon Appetit: A Novel (French Twist Book 2)

5.0 out of 5 stars 

Do like good food? Do you like romance? Are you a Francophile? Bon Appetit, by Sandra Byrd, neatly packages up these three treats into a delightful and revelatory look at the demanding world of surviving a classic French baking/pastry academy.

Our ambitious young heroine, Lexi Stuart, does just that as she leaves the French family owned bakery in her hometown of Seattle for the military-like training of the baking school south of Paris. Being naturally friendly and sociable, she struggles with the initially closed and abrupt nature of the French People. Initially, she is excessively homesick and lonely as she seeks friendships at the academy and especially the village bakery, owned by the same family as the one in Seattle.

Lexi finally befriends Anne, who is also a student from Normandy. She also meets and loves Celine, the daughter of Phillipe, a widower and future heir to the upscale bakery chain. Here begins a subtle triangle for her affections between Phillipe and Dan, her attorney boyfriend in Seatle.

The depictions of Paris, Versailles, the French landscape, weather, the French themselves and their food are so authentic that the author appears to have “been there and done that.” Narrated in the first person and so vividly detailed, it reads more like a memoir than a novel.

Ordinarily, I take exception to a book series that must all be read in its entirety for a complete resolution of the plot because none of the books can stand alone as a singular work. However, I’ll make an exception here because there is enough of a resolution to give the story a measure of completeness.

This reviewer was unaware that he had the first book in the trilogy, Let Them Eat Cake, already residing on his overloaded Kindle. What a delightful, quiet, yet compelling story of Godly faith overlooked, regained, and prayers answered. The story is wholesome enough for the young adults in your family to read and enjoy also.


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