A wild ride of an ecological thriller replete with great supernatural splendor counterpointed with gruesome violence

Exodus 2022
Exodus 2022
4.0 out of 5 starsMarch 10, 2014
This review is from: Exodus 2022 (Kindle Edition)
In the year 2022, a world-wide cataclysm of epic proportions begins quietly enough with an Episcopal priest running around hysterically in a motel parking lot claiming his daughter was dead. But, he had no daughter. Family, friends and acquaintances fear for his sanity.

This eco-thriller fittingly takes place in and around Puget Sound and the Gulf of Alaska. The man in question is receiving visions and instructions from an unknown source. A multi-national corporation with immense wealth and power (can we say Halliburton?) also is studying this man and his girlfriend because they are on the threshold of unlocking and interpreting the deep secrets of telepathy and telekinesis. Three other victims have exhibited the exact same symptoms as the priest and they are all dead.

A force of unspeakable power is impacting every living organism in the earth’s oceans and the trans-national corporation is desperately trying to exploit its hidden power. The leader of this corporation is an arch villain of the most sinister intent. The author doles out tidbits of information regarding this catastrophic phenomenon with painful deliberation. The effect on the reader is “Oh my God, what next? Turn-the-page-turn-the-page-turn-the page……..repeat.

Part thriller, part ecological position statement, part romance, part sci-fi, part fantasy, part mystery, Mr. Bennet’s overpowering description of things never seen before by human eyes is masterful. Even his scenes of gruesome violence are somehow poetic, similar to best-selling author Cormac McCarthy’s. It left me exhausted as I was carried forcefully along on one of the wildest literary rides I have ever experienced.

And now about that problematic conclusion. It ends as abruptly as a door slamming in your face. More questions than answers. Totally open-ended. Mostly unresolved. It doesn’t just beg for a sequel; it screams for a sequel! I’ve heard through the grapevine that the author plans a sequel but not in the immediate future. That’s OK because I still have to recover from the overload of Exodus 2022 first. If a future sequel is published then my rating immediately jumps to 5 stars.


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