Still another slam-dunk of a regency romance by Karla Darcy

The American Bride (Sweet Deception Regency Book 6)
The American Bride (Sweet Deception Regency Book 6)

5.0 out of 5 stars May 19, 2014
American Heiress Caroline Leland has been forced into an arranged marriage with a certain Lord Wilton. Legally married by proxy and arranged by their families, the two have never even met each other! Caroline’s duchess grandmother comes up with a plan to insert Caroline into Lord Wilton’s household as the governess to his brother’s two children who are orphans so she can at least get acquainted with her ‘husband.’ Thus begins the clash of strong personalities and widely differing cultures. Caroline tries her best to look the dowdy part and stay in the background but Lord Wilton seems to appear at her worst moments. This approach/avoidance romance is both touching and humorous. Can Caroline keep her deception from her husband for a month? Being exposed would bring social disaster and shame on her and Lord Wilton’s exalted aristocratic name. Like the other two books I’ve read by the author (The Five Kisses and Divided Hearts) this oft-used formula is taken to another level of excellence by Karla Darcy’s wit, humor and romantic suspense.

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