An impossible romance between polar opposites carries this faith-based western story

Marnie: (A Sweet Western Historical Romance) (Pendleton Petticoats Series Book 4)
Marnie: (A Sweet Western Historical Romance) (Pendleton Petticoats Series Book 4)

5.0 out of 5 stars  June 10, 2014
Marnie is the fourth book in the author’s Pendleton Petticoats series of faith-based sweet western romances.

The entire series takes place in and around the town of Pendleton at the turn of the 20th century. Marnie plys her trade as a prostitute in one of the many bordellos in town. Her self esteem destroyed by a brutal tragedy she suffered as a teenager, she considers herself despoiled and not worthy of any deserving man.

Enter Lars Thorsen, the long lost middle brother of Aundy Nash and Ilsa Campanelli who also live in the Pendleton area. Upon the death of his parents Lars fled Chicago as a youngster and his sisters feared they would never see him again. Now working as a United States Marshall, his job has coincidentally taken him to Pendleton to assist the sheriff with the apprehension of the Bowman gang who terrorize the citizens in the territory.

The three siblings are joyfully reunited and he learns of Marnie who they have all befriended, disdaining the condemnation of the citizens of Pendleton as to her immoral status. Polar opposites in life, Lars and Marnie are strangely attracted to each other. He sees beyond her lowly status to a sensitive, intelligent and capable young woman.

At this time Lars encounters the two small abandoned children of one of the Bowman gang living alone on a farm. He and Marnie befriend them and a warm nurturing relationship between all of them ensues.

Lars knows he cannot enter into any relationships because of his rootless profession and Marnie, painfully aware of her outcast status in the community, attempts to avoid him and his sisters, not wanting to ruin their reputation by her association with them.

Can they overcome their impossible circumstances and make a life together? What will come of the two orphaned youngsters? Although the story is timed with some rather improbable coincidences, the blossoming relationship between Marnie and Lars carries the story easily and the non-judgmental love shown to Marnie by her close friends is heartwarming indeed.

Although the story can stand alone, I have read the first three in the series in this proper chronological order: Aundy, Caterina, Ilsa, and Marnie. All four books are easy, rewarding stories and I heartily recommend reading all of them for the best entertainment value.

The author already has plans for a fifth installment next year. I can hardly wait to find out who Lacy is!


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