An entertaining romantic adventure appropriate for adults and teens alike.,

Talent for Trouble, A (Ladies of Distinction Book #3)
Talent for Trouble, A (Ladies of Distinction Book #3)
4.0 out of 5 stars July 20, 2014
In New York City, just before the 20th century, Felicia Murdock thought she wanted to marry a preacher and settle down to a quiet life. However, Miss Murdock has a penchant for being the eye of a hurricane with encounters and predicaments constantly swirling around her. She is beautiful, kind-hearted, generous, but too trusting and slightly unconventional. Enter the cynical Grayson Sumner, AKA Lord Sefton, an English nobleman who recently fled from China. It seems Lord Sefton has a sinister past and has been linked with the lucrative opium trade. The last thing he wants is another romantic relationship but, due to his shady past, sinister forces seek to destroy him and Miss Murdock so he vows to protect her. Forced together, they seek to discover who wants a fortune in jewels that Lord Sefton is hiding. Having already read A Change of Fortune, the author’s stock-in-trade is her penchant for using humor, engaging dialogue, adorable children, dangerous encounters and a side-board of colorful, lovable and sometime dangerous characters to spice things up. Although each of the four novels in The Ladies of Distinction collection can stand alone, most of the principals appear through all the volumes. I’m looking forward to reading #2 and #4 in this series. Very wholesome and appropriate reading, even for young adults.

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