an atypical historical romance featuring an older, plain heroine with remarkable courage and steadfastness

Hearts Awakening (Hearts Along the River Book #1)
Hearts Awakening (Hearts Along the River Book #1)

5.0 out of 5 stars  June 1, 2014
Although I don’t have the time at present to give this beautiful story the review it deserves, all I can say is it grabbed my heart with such emotion and feeling because the hero and especially the heroine were both so down and out. What starts out as an ‘arranged’ marriage between older spinster Ellie and younger father of two Jackson develops, ever so slowly, into a fragile friendship, then affection and perhaps love? Jackson is headstrong, temperamental, and suspicious of Ellie who is independent, resourceful, and desperately wants a home and family of her own. Coping with Jackson’s secrecy regarding his scandalous first marriage and her devoted love to his two young boys, Ellie is a heroine with a capital “H” and I pulled so hard for her throughout this suspenseful romance. As a love story this is one of my top-shelf recommendations.

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