A faith-based breathless romance between polar opposites with the love of chocolate at it’s core

How Sweet It Is
How Sweet It Is
5.0 out of 5 stars  June 15, 2014

First off, forgive me for my lengthy “table setting” of this review but there is no other way to explain what’s going on and still attract the reader to this book. (It’s complicated but that’s a good thing)

Delphine D’Arneux, in Belgium to learn the fine art of chocolate candy from the best, encounters young, carefree Brad Larson, on vacation with his parents. A ‘chocoholic’ in the worst sense, Brad is also attracted to the lovely but serious Delphine and attempts to snatch a kiss but gets soundly slapped for his brazen effort. Smitten, Brad longs to see her again to apologize for his indiscretion.

He gets his chance at the Paris airport where they meet again. On her way back to California, an airline computer glitch forces her to buy a one way ticket. When she attempts to use her credit card, she learns her account has been drained, but by whom? It happens to be her lovable but totally irresponsible French parents who have squandered the money at a local casino. Enter Brad’s parents who are affluent and influential. Against her protests, they buy her a return ticket.

Delphine’s dream is to open a candy shop featuring the finest gourmet chocolates but her small business loan is turned down. Brad’s parents come to the rescue once again by offering her a personal loan to get her shop off the ground. Wary, suspicious, and intensely private, Delphine initially distrusts Brad’s family and their offer of friendship and financial assistance. At opposite ends of the lifestyle spectrum, Delphine has struggled with her parent’s child-like irresponsibility with money since she was a child and shuttled with them from one temporary home to another, one step ahead of being evicted for non-payment of rents and escaping their creditors. Brad, on the other hand, has lived a life of privilege and has never known the suffering that Delphine has.

Delphine is drawn to handsome Brad’s sunny disposition, positive outlook, and his strength. Brad is drawn to Delphine’s beauty, her iron will to be financially independent, and her skill with chocolate!
How are these two polar opposites going to grow their relationship in the face of constant obstacles, both financial and personal? Delphine wavers between affection and distrust of Brad, thinking his love must come with financial strings attached.

As in most romances, the outcome is seldom in doubt but the author’s convoluted journey to get there is wrought with suspense, ardor, humor and God’s over-arching plan to get Delphine to give up her world-weariness and trust Him for the outcome.

The book is not a lengthy read but went even faster than usual for this reader because it was such a suspenseful page-turner. I also enjoyed the author’s use of italics which served to highlight the principal’s private thoughts, provided insight, and enhanced the comical misunderstandings between hero and heroine. I cannot remember rooting harder for a young heroine than I did Delphine!

This was my first read by author Bonnie Blythe and I look forward to more of her sweet faith-based stories.


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