The author has “fashioned” a faith-based Western romance with passion, humor, and danger “sewn” carefully in.

Ilsa: (Sweet Historical Western Romance) (Pendleton Petticoats Book 3)
Ilsa: (Sweet Historical Western Romance) (Pendleton Petticoats Book 3)

5 STARS, June 1, 2014

Ilsa is the third installment of the author’s historical faith-based romance series sub-titled Pendleton Petticoats.

Ilsa Thorson is the younger sister of Aundy Garrett who owns a farm near Pendleton Oregon. Ilsa is different from her sister in just about every way from her personality to her appearance. While her sister Aundy is tall, statuesque, and regal, Ilsa is very petite, fragile looking and stunningly beautiful.

She has been held virtually prisoner in her Aunt’s house in Chicago and forced to produce exquisite fashions for her Aunt’s boutique. Ilsa’s talent for fashion and sewing is considerable. Her aunt is forcing her into a marriage of monetary convenience not for Ilsa’s sake but herself. Poor Ilsa cannot stand the sleazy suitor and writes her sister begging to be rescued from her plight.

Aundy, husband Garrett and their adopted son travel to Chicago and rescue Ilsa and bring her back to Pendleton. Initially timid and helpless in the face of country and ranch life, she meets Antonio Campanelli, the Brother of Caterina who owns a fine Italian restaurant in Pendleton. His first words to her were “Some day I’m going to marry you.” “Tony” runs the town’s ice delivery business and is working on his dream of becoming a professional photographer.

Tiny fragile-looking Ilsa is initially helped by just about everybody she encounters, even if she does not always ask for it. This is especially true of Tony, who can’t stay away from her. He is handsome, helpful, teasing and terribly over-protective of the pixie-like Ilsa.

Her dream is to open her own fashion boutique in downtown Pendleton and she despises the country farm life with its dirty work, smells, and primitive nature.

Will a series of dangerous encounters involving Ilsa and unscrupulous types destroy her fragile courage? Can she allow Tony to get close enough to help her overcome her bouts of panic, anxiety and fear?

In order to better understand the characters in Shanna Hatfield’s series, it is best if the series has read in the following order: Aundy, Caterina, Ilsa and Marnie, which is just been published. However, each novel can also be read as a stand-alone story as the author inserts just the right amount of background information for understanding and coherence.

I have, thus far, loved the entire series and can hardly wait to read the latest, Marnie.


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