Thieves: A Review

How can a book that includes a ménage a trois,
lesbianism, thoughts of fornication/adultery, drinking to excess, and losing
one’s faith have anything in common with the pivotal event of human history: The
death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ? Well, with the author’s unique
perspective they certainly do.

Enter Father James Foster, disgruntled and
doubting career Catholic priest who has just been removed from his parish by his
Bishop because his flock wants to ‘fire’ him for his uncaring, unloving, and
impatient attitude. The Bishop wants him to cool off by temporarily becoming
professor of theology at a local university to take the place of the former
professor who died along with a student in a traffic accident with scandalous

There he meets Kate the beautiful and charismatic manager of
human resources and the attraction is almost instantaneous. He also meets young
professor Frank Javan, an astrophysics professor and they become fast

Father Foster boards at Professor Javan’s home and he hears
continuous strange noises coming from the basement at all hours of the night. It
seems the brilliant professor is experimenting with time travel and has
constructed what he thinks will be a workable time machine.

For much of
the book, relationships among Father Foster, Frank Javan, his family, Casey and
a widening circle of friends is explained and developed. Everything seems to be
progressing ‘normally’ as Robert and Casey’s relationship deepens. And so it
appears to all intents and purposes to be a romance involving a priest about to
reject his calling….BUT WAIT!

It has not yet begun to get totally WILD.
Professor Javan performs painstaking experiments with his time machine involving
rabbits and they are profoundly successful. Robert’s greatest desire is to go
back in time to witness the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ.
Frank agrees to accompany him. The machine is disassembled, shipped to Israel
re-assembled and that is where I stop this review for fear of

It is an utterly fantastic story, part romance, part science
fiction and totally supernatural. The characters are well-developed, their
weaknesses/strengths exposed, the science fiction/time travel is explained
plausibly and the supernatural? The last few pages must be read with the
greatest of care or you, dear reader will get lost. My best compliment to this
book is what a film it would make! Whether you are of the Christian faith or
not, read it and be blessed in the end.


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