The Toymaker, by Kay Springsteen: A Review

The Toymaker

TheToymaker (Kindle Edition) Seldom have I ever been so totally
immersed into the lives of the characters as I have in this superlative
Christmas story.

This is a ‘past meets present’ story which opens up with
a contemporary mother and her two children discovering a box of 200 year old
wooden toys at an antique shop. Fascinated by the quality and workmanship they
buy the whole box and discover a diary hidden at the bottom of the box that
opens up the whole romantic history that takes place between Phillip and Lady
Ivy. Here’s a short synopsis of the plot

Enter Phillip Greenstone, the
12th Duke of Greenbriar, upon the death of his aged reclusive uncle. It is
nothing he had ever wanted having been orphaned as a young man and brought up by
Jani, a master wood worker and toymaker. Lady Ivy Plumthorn is fast approaching
spinsterhood as she refuses suitor after suitor, finding no one to her liking.
Our toymaker Duke, “Mr. Green,” meets Lady Ivy and the attraction is
instantaneous. But Lady Ivy and her parents insist she must marry into the
peerage and Mr. Green is just a craftsman commoner. But, they have so much in
common with their kind and generous hearts and their love of children. Our
toymaker Duke must devise a plan to reveal his true identity to gently excuse
his deception to Lady Ivy.

This is the almost perfect Christmas story and
it is impossible to read it straight through with dry eyes. It is just so
heart-warming and poignant as the old box of toys, diary, and history enchant
the mother and her children once again.

5 out of 5 stars


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