The Orchid Affair, by Lauren Willig: A Review

The Orchid Affair (Pink Carnation)

5.0 out of 5 stars A more mature Pink Carnation offering from Ms Willig

The Orchid Affair (Pink Carnation) (Hardcover)

In the Orchid Affair,  it seems Ms Willig has ascended to another level of maturity in the both the plot and especially the development of the hero and heroine, who take on new
depths of subtlety and refinement. Ms Willig skillfully puts together two
unlikely but equally unhappy individuals: Andre, a higher-up police official who
shows a great capacity for love both for his departed wife and his two children
and Laura, who is working undercover for the Pink Carnation as a governess to
Andre’s two children. She has struggled to survive utterly on her own for 16
years and has erected a wall of invulnerability about her and it appears she has
never been intimate with any man yet. Throw together the man who has lost his
love for about 4 years with a woman who probably has never loved a man at all
and you get an unfolding, unlikely romance of a deep and heart-felt variety. Ms
Willig’s descriptions of the Paris of that time are cold, gray, ominous and
foreboding. No one knows who is working for whom, not even our hero and heroine.
Ms Willig is a natural-born story-teller and her offerings just pour out of her
with seemingly effortless perfection. Having read ALL of her works, I’m
impatiently waiting for The Garden Intrigue to be released in early 2012. She is
by far and away, my favorite contemporary author.


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