The Marriage List by Dorothy McFallis: A Review

The Marriage List: full-length sweet historical romance

5.0 out of 5 stars A sweet and off-beat Regency Romance that
resonated with me…
, November 23, 2012

The Marriage List: full-length sweet historical romance (Kindle Edition)

Either I’ve read too many regency romances or I have lost all objectivity
enroute because each one I read seems to get better than the previous one I
finished. Such is the case with the Marriage List. It is in the mode of the
timeless theme of Cinderella which I never seem to tire of.

Badly injured in the campaign on the European peninsula, our hero, Viscount Evers assembles a list of qualities for a wife along with his close friend Lord Wynters. May
Sheffers, a tenant in a cottage that Evers owns comes to seek help, living in
straightened circumstances with her beloved but sickly aunt. The initial
attraction by these two is electric and obvious but poor May has NONE of the
attributes Evers seeks in a wife. She has a questionable heritage with gypey
blood in her lineage; her parents have disappeared into the Brazilian jungle and
are declared to be dead by May’s scheming uncle who seeks to steal May’s

Evers is also one of England’s most astute horseman and May
is initially terrified by the huge beasts, having been a city girl her whole
life. However, Evers’s prized filly constantly escapes to seek May out and she
is the only one who can soothe the horse.

May challenges the prideful Evers to use his cane so he can begin to heal his lameness. Their chance
encounters around the city of Bath deepen their obvious attraction to each
other. Evers’s mother pushes her son to marry the proper daughter of a Duke
because she matches every attribute on his marriage list but it is the dark,
mysterious and totally improper May that he is irrestibly drawn to.

If you don’t totally fall in love with May and Evers, along with their family and
friends you don’t have the beating heart of a true romantic!

This unforgettable and off-beat romance was right in my wheel house and HIGHLY


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