Jane and the Canterbury Tale, by Stephanie Barron: A Review

Jane and the Canterbury Tale: Being A Jane Austen Mystery

5.0 out of 5 stars Lucky me! This is my very first Stephanie Barron read!

Jane and the Canterbury Tale: Being A Jane Austen Mystery (Paperback)
Although I’m not particularly a fan of mysteries, I received a gift copy
of The Canterbury Tale, by Stephanie Barron and accolades about this series,
Being a Jane Austen Mystery, came in from all angles on me. The plot,
characters, authenticity, writing style, and general sophistication are
BRILLIANT! I would characterize her style is somewhere between Jane Austen and
Georgette Heyer so Ms Barron is keeping some pretty impressive company. It is a
mystery indeed as the author presents one suspect after another as our Miss
Austen struggles for motives, clues, and secrets in an among the country gentry.
A “pilgrim” is murdered late at night following a wedding celebration. It turns
out the victim was the husband of that bride returning secretly after 3 years in
exile near India. He was mistakenly presumed dead through some confusing
correspondence. Friends, acquaintences and total strangers are ALL implicated.
The search for the killer and the methods for ensuring justice with whatever
means were at hand back in the early 1800’s proved fascinating. This reader was
thoroughly drawn into the vortex of the mystery by the intelligence, creativity
and sophisticated literary wit of the author. The mystery? I simply had no clue
“whodunnit” and will not spoil the conclusion. Read for yourselves and be
thrilled. What pleasant surprise to find there are at least 10 others in the
series to look forward to reading!


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