Beautiful, by Katie Piper: A Review

5.0 out of 5 stars Heart-breaking, fantastic, inspiring, I could not stop reading…

Beautiful (Paperback) I was vaguely familiar with Katie Piper’s odyssey but
after reading a couple of articles on the internet I bought the book. I
pronounce this autobiography as the best of its particular type I have ever

Miss Piper’s story is so fantastic that it reads more like a
fictional account than something that really happened to a real person. For
someone who absolutely relied on her beautiful appearance to make a living in
British media, what happened to Katie was almost a fate worse than death. A
jilted boyfriend brutally raped her, then had an accomplice throw
industrial-strength sulphuric acid in her face! Her plastic surgeon said he had
never seen a more horribly chemically burned face than Katie’s. Her left eye had
been blinded, she lost most of her left ear, most of her nose, her eyelids, and
her esophagus was permanently damaged by swallowing acid to the point that she
could not eat solid foods for a lengthy period of time.

Her story starts with her happy, optimistic childhood, her efforts to become a media celebrity in the U.K., the nightmarish destruction and disfigurement of her face, initially
her wish to just die, her dozens of surgical treatments, her stark terror of men
and morbid agoraphobia, her dedicated struggle to regain her appearance, and
finally acceptance of her rebuilt face and her gratitude for all who helped

For someone who is not a professional writer, Katie’s writing has
impact, urgency, and conveys her innermost feelings with gripping emotion. The
graphic photos of her burned face are simply horrifying. Katie’s dramatic
surgical results (and I do mean DRAMATIC) are the result of her plastic
surgeon’s decision to do a radical and never-before-tried full-face skin graft
using a combination of actual donor skin and a recently developed artificial
skin for the first time together. She also received several experimental therapy
treatments at a burn clinic spa in France. Her discipline in undergoing a
rigorous and painful rehabilitation regimen is a testimony to her striving to
get her life back to something that would resemble “normal.”

She now has her own full-time foundation where she raises funds for others who have been
disfigured by burns, injuries, and birth defects. The “after” photos in the book
show how miraculous her transformation has been. Even more recent pics in the
British media show even more improvement. Her “before” and “after” images have
to be seen to be believed!

Prepare to be mesmerized, thrilled, and emotionally caught up in Katie’s heroic story of courage and hope.


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